Fact: Exposure to inspiring individuals triggers inspiration.  The individuals featured in our campaign, Inspiring Human Nature, are everyday people doing extraordinary work that makes a difference—for climate change, for the oceans, for science, and for each other.   We are incredibly inspired by every person taking action for nature.

Our mission—Rare inspires change so people and nature thrive—is about motivating behavior change, so that people do what is best both for them and for nature. Our programs are based on the cumulative power of individual action, and the exponential power of those actions to inspire others. 

We’re inspired. Aren’t you? 

Inspiring Human Nature.

Celebrating these individuals

José Carlos da Silva

Sharpening his skills to lead Brazil’s fishers into the future.

Annabelle Davis

With a bow in hand, Annabelle aims to reduce her carbon footprint.

Wawa Gatheru

Working to make all communities feel at home in the mainstream environmental movement.

Tim Ma

This clever engineer-turned-chef and restaurateur fights food waste and a pandemic one meal at a time.

Paul Butler

Doggedly dedicated to inspiring change for people and nature.

Alizé Carrère

Using stories to showcase the indomitable human spirit.

Brent Suter

The Climate Raptor seeks to strike out waste and carbon emissions from Major League Baseball.

Gerthie Mayo-Anda

Inspired by her elders, Gerthie takes on nature’s adversaries.

Justin Brice Guariglia

Bringing us back to reality.

Immy Lucas

Living simply to live sustainably.

AG Saño

Paying tribute to loss and optimism through art and activism.

Raymond Jakub

Exploring the depths of data accessibility.

Dulce Espelosin

This former ballerina’s social marketing savvy is on point.

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