Rare is a different kind of organization.

We believe that for every environmental challenge on the planet today, people are both the problem and the solution. To solve these challenges, we must start behaving differently.

Rare is the leading behavior change organization in conservation. We specialize in proven locally-led solutions which we bring to regional and national scale around the world.

The lives and livelihoods of the world’s most vulnerable people depend on the remaining forests, wetlands and coral reefs—and balancing how we use and preserve these resources requires us to change our relationship with nature.

Rare has pioneered a methodology for changing behavior in a way that protects some of the world’s most important natural resources.”

Dan Heath, co-author of the New York Times bestsellers Switch, Made to Stick and Decisive.


Our Origin

It all started with a conservationist’s quest to save an endangered tropical bird.

In 1977, a young student named Paul Butler arrived on the island nation of St. Lucia to find the beautiful St. Lucia parrot was in critical danger. Fewer than 100 remained.

Paul instinctively knew that to save the parrot, he would need to inspire St. Lucians to identify it as part of their collective identity. Paul visited schools and churches, recorded radio spots, and produced bumper stickers and billboards. He even created a mascot named Jacquot to bring the campaign to life.

The campaign worked. The community embraced the parrot as a national treasure, and its population surged. What made this underdog campaign successful?  Pride. The campaign stirred an emotional connection. A Rare approach was born.

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Our Unique Methodology

For more than 40 years, Rare has launched over 450 behavior change campaigns (known as “Pride”) in 60+ countries, inspiring local communities to adopt more sustainable fishing habits, end deforestation, preserve habitat, and save species. Pride increases and accelerates the adoption of conservation solutions—and the change lasts.

Rare’s people-centered, participatory approach to conservation empowers local leaders and elevates the role of fishers, farmers, and other people who depend on nature in local decision-making and governance. This community-led approach is buoyed by partnerships with officials at all levels of government—from mayors to ministers—and with public and private institutions, universities and other organizations capable of removing barriers and paving the way for enduring solutions.

Our Vision

Global understanding of human behavior is evolving quickly. New insights across economics, political science, evolutionary biology, social psychology, neuroscience, and design thinking have revolutionized our understanding of human behavior and decision-making.

The Center for Behavior & the Environment aims to transform the field of conservation. It is bringing the best insights from behavioral science and design to tackle some of the most challenging environmental issues. Through partnerships with leading academic and research institutions, we are translating the science of human behavior into practical solutions for conservationists worldwide.

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