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Under-resourced, overlooked and climate-vulnerable

Coastal waters support some of the most spectacular and diverse environments on Earth. They sustain life, provide livelihoods for millions of people worldwide, and are critical to slowing the effects of climate change. However, rural coastal communities are often overlooked and under-resourced, leaving coastal communities without the capacity to sustainably manage local waters. This leaves the waters vulnerable to overfishing and other destructive practices – as well as the impacts of climate change – that threaten their food security, livelihoods, and physical well-being. The collapse of coastal fisheries is an environmental problem that could lead to a humanitarian crisis. 

50 of the world’s 51 million fishers are small-scale fishers
Fish provides more than 20% of animal protein intake for 3 billion people worldwide. In less developed countries, it can be 50%
90-95% of fish caught by small-scale fishers goes to local human consumption
34% of fish stocks are overfished

Protecting ocean ecosystems and the needs of coastal communities

Rare’s Fish Forever program is a global leader in reducing coastal overfishing and revitalizing coastal fisheries. Through a global network of 100 staff and over 150 local partners, Fish Forever mobilizes and strengthens community-led management of coastal fisheries. Through a replicable model rooted in behavioral science, Fish Forever promotes responsible fishing behavior among local fishers.

The Fish Forever Target Behaviors

  • fisher registration id card

    Become a registered fisher

    Understanding who is fishing is a core component of managing a fishery. Registering fishers and providing fisher IDs allows us to quantify and understand who is fishing; and it can be used as a management tool to assign rights to fish in certain areas. Registration can also formalize fishing as a profession with a clear identity and highlight fishers’ roles as marine resource stewards.

Our innovative approach empowers communities with clear rights, strong governance, data for decision-making, financial inclusion, and participatory management – helping local communities to effectively sustain production, build coordinated advocacy with government, elevate the voices of coastal communities and give them control over their futures. Today, Fish Forever is engaging over a thousand communities across eight countries where high biodiversity meets high human use.

The Case for the Territorial Seas

With the global extinction crisis threatening biodiversity everywhere, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is set to adopt a Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework later this year, including a target around conserving 30% of land and ocean for the benefit of people and nature. The 30×30 campaign was launched to achieve this target and protect 30% of the land and sea by 2030.

More about the 30×30 Initiative

The Fish Forever Data Portal

Rare’s Fish Forever Data Portal is a digital platform providing real-time data from our partner communities, visualized through dashboards and summarized in reports, and made readily available to support implementing partners, local leaders and practitioners. Explore the data at portal.rare.org.

*Real-time program data. For more details, visit the Fish Forever program portal: https://portal.rare.org.


A partner for Vibrant Oceans

Rare is a proud to be part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Vibrant Oceans Initiative to protect the ocean from pressing threats, like overfishing, and enable greater ocean sustainability.  

Fishing for Climate Resilience 

Coastal fishers live and work on the frontlines of climate change, which is taking a toll on both people and nature. With support from the German International Climate Initiative, Rare’s Fishing for Climate Resilienceinitiative works with fishing communities in the Asia Pacific region to build communities’ social, ecological, and economic resilience to climate change. 

More about Fishing for Climate Resilience

Innovative Finance

Oceans contribute nearly US$1.5 trillion to the global economy and employ 60 million people, most of them small-scale fishers in the developing world. Rare works to anchor these economic benefits to coastal communities, build their financial resilience to crises and shocks, and reduce the pressure to overfishing.


The Coastal 500: Local leaders supporting coastal fisheries

Coastal 500 logo.

The Coastal 500 is a global network of local government leaders committed to working toward thriving and prosperous coastal communities. Made up of mayors and other local government leaders from countries across the developing tropics, the coalition will establish global leadership for small-scale fisheries, influence stakeholders in the fisheries sector, and serve as a valuable platform for peer-to-peer learning, technical and network support, and advocacy development for coastal leaders from all over the world.
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