Driving public and private capital to nature’s frontlines

What are Green & Blue Finance?

Green finance refers to financial structures designed to help the natural environment. Blue finance is capital deployed to safeguard aquatic and marine ecosystems that underpin the blue economy.

Rare uses innovative tools and approaches to drive green and blue finance to places where people and nature meet to ensure both thrive.

How Rare deploys green & blue finance

Rare’s Innovative Finance program is focused on helping deploy capital to rural and remote communities, helping them to build and retain wealth from the sustainable management of natural resources.

The Bailaki savings group. Závora, Mozambique.
The Bailaki savings group. Závora, Mozambique. Photo Credit: Jason Houston

Financial Inclusion and a Social Safety Net

Through savings clubs, financial literacy training, and innovative insurance programs, Rare helps people and microbusinesses in rural and remote communities build wealth, manage their finances effectively, and access banks and other financial institutions within the formal economy. Our goal is building the capacity of communities to withstand financial shocks—ultimately reducing pressure from human activity on nature.

Aerial photo of the ocean along the coast of a small town in Plan Grande, Honduras.
Aerial photo of the ocean along the coast of a small town in Plan Grande, Honduras.

Blended Finance

Blended Finance is the strategic use of philanthropic funds, public finance, and private capital to scale solutions, usually in emerging and frontier markets like small-scale fisheries. Rare’s most recent blended finance instrument, the Small Scale Fisheries Impact Bond, is a first-of-its-kind instrument designed to channel private and philanthropic capital toward the revitalization and sustainable management of coastal communities and ecosystems.

Meloy Fund - photo of boats on the water in Indonesia.
Panoramic beautiful tropical beach with wooden fishing boat and blue sky in the morning at The Bengkulu beach Indonesia. Photo Credit: sofirinaja

Impact Investing

Rare launched the Meloy Fund as the first impact investment fund focused solely on coastal fishing enterprises in the developing tropics. Sponsored by Rare and managed by Deliberate Capital, the Meloy Fund invests private capital in fishing and seafood-related enterprises to support sustainable business models that incentivize the adoption of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance.


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