What Makes Us Rare

Human behavior is at the root of every major conservation and development challenge. Changing our behavior is the single most important thing we can do to ensure nature’s survival. Rare uses insights from behavioral science to motivate people and communities to adopt behaviors that benefit people and nature. We then work with partners to bring these solutions to scale. That’s what makes us Rare.

Who Makes Us Rare: Leadership

Brett Jenks
Rare President and CEO
We want Rare to achieve outsized impacts by finding what works for nature AND people and taking these promising approaches to scale.” Brett Jenks, Rare President and CEO
Taufiq Alimi
Vice President, Indonesia
Rare is hard work. But when the cause is in your heart, you wake up knowing you are doing something good.” Taufiq Alimi, Vice President, Indonesia
Anna Bartlett
Vice President, Individual Giving and Board Relationships
Rare’s courage to take risks makes me proud to work here. We are not afraid to take on ambitious efforts addressing big, intractable environmental challenges. That’s what conservation demands.” Anna Bartlett, Vice President, Individual Giving and Board Relationships
Monique Barreto Galvao
Vice President, Brazil
The beauty of Rare's work is it addresses the conservation agenda through a social and economic lens. It is exciting to see communities and nature thriving as a result of the change our team inspires in the field." Monique Barreto Galvao, Vice President, Brazil
Brooke Betts
Vice President, Make It Personal
Rare turns science into action. The culture here is extremely intentional about learning and being data driven, with a focus on the end goals that matter most." Brooke Betts, Vice President, Make It Personal
Stephen Box, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Fish Forever
Rare provides the opportunity to translate conservation theory into on the ground reality - identifying solutions and empowering local communities to enact lasting change." Stephen Box, Ph.D., Managing Director, Fish Forever
Paul John Butler
Senior Vice President
I can recall sitting in an airport 15 years ago with Brett Jenks. Rare had a budget of less than $1 million and staff could be counted on two hands. Sometimes it pays to dream big!” Paul John Butler, Senior Vice President
Paula Caballero
Managing Director, Lands for Life
Rare bridges conservation and development, injecting innovation from the ground up to deliver transformative solutions that work for people and planet.” Paula Caballero, Managing Director, Lands for Life
Esteban Chavarria
Vice President, Finance and Accounting
Rare give us the opportunity to learn, to fail and to share the best of us with the communities that we work with." Esteban Chavarria, Vice President, Finance and Accounting
Niels Crone
Chief Operating Officer
Having spent many years in the conservation world, I find that Rare fills a unique and important niche focused on people and human behavior to make lasting change happen benefitting both communities and the natural world.” Niels Crone, Chief Operating Officer
Angelica Dengo
Vice President, Mozambique
It’s rewarding seeing the coastal communities engaged and national authority’s willingness to adopt innovative solutions to protect the marine ecosystems! Rare inspiring changes…" Angelica Dengo, Vice President, Mozambique
Kevin Green
Vice President, Center for Behavior & the Environment
Solving most environmental challenges generally means somebody is going to have to do something differently. Only when we begin to use the science of people and their behavior as expertly as that of other species and ecosystems will we be able to inspire and enable the sort of change we need to help people and nature thrive." Kevin Green, Vice President, Center for Behavior & the Environment
Caryn Perrelli
Vice President, Talent
I am so proud to be part of such a diverse, mission driven organization filled with committed, creative and collaborative colleagues." Caryn Perrelli, Vice President, Talent
Rocky Sanchez Tirona
Vice President, Philippines
When I hear mayors, Rare Fellows and community members talk about how working with Rare has changed them, I know we are making a difference." Rocky Sanchez Tirona, Vice President, Philippines
Brandon Schauer
Senior Vice President, Make It Personal
Rare's the unique team that can combine science, conservation, design, and passion to take on some of the worlds hardest problems and demonstrably win." Brandon Schauer, Senior Vice President, Make It Personal
Andrew Simpson
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Monica Valera
Vice President, Colombia
Karen Ziffer
Chief Development Officer
The energy at Rare is electric! Everyone is relentlessly seeking and testing better ways to help our colleagues and partners implement lasting solutions to meet human needs while keeping nature vibrant." Karen Ziffer, Chief Development Officer

Who Makes Us Rare: Board of Trustees

Dorothy Batten, Chair
President, DN Batten Foundation
Amanda Paulson, Vice Chair
Special Projects Officer, The Bobolink Foundation
Thomas A. Patterson, Treasurer
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Madrone Capital Partners
Nancy Mackinnon, Secretary
Former Vice President, The Nature Conservancy
Mehrdad Baghai
Co-Founder, Chairman, and Global CEO of High Resolves; Chairman of Alchemy Growth
Michael W. Bonney
Executive Chair, Kaleido Biosciences
Randy Brown
Chief Investment Officer, Sun Life Financial
Alice Farmer
Human Rights Lawyer
Lizanne Galbreath
Managing Director, Galbreath & Company
Avi S. Garbow
Environmental Advocate, Patagonia
Sarah Stein Greenberg
Executive Director, Stanford d.school
Brett Jenks
President and CEO, Rare
Sven Lindblad
Founder and CEO, Lindblad Expeditions
José Roberto Marinho
Vice President, Grupo Globo
Ed Soule
Professor, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business
Dr. Elke Weber
Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment and Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs, Princeton University

Who Makes Us Rare: Honorary Trustees

Kenneth Berlin, esq.
Honorary Trustee
Paul John Butler
Honorary Trustee
David O. Hill
Founder and Honorary Trustee
Duncan McFarland
Honorary Trustee
Vadim Nikitine
Honorary Trustee
Wendy Paulson
Chair Emerita
Robert S. Ridgley Ph.D.
Honorary Trustee
Ruth Yeoh
Honorary Trustee

Who Makes Us Rare: Ex-Officio Trustees

Scott M. Amero
Former Chief Investment Officer and Vice Chairman, BlackRock
Dr. Steve Gaines
Dean – Marine Science, Sustainable Fisheries | Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, UC-Santa Barbara

Work at Rare

Every day you can make a difference by addressing global conservation and development challenges alongside a team of diverse and driven colleagues. Rare looks for people who are curious about the world, willing to try new things and build their skills to better advance Rare’s mission to inspire change so people and nature thrive.

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