Driving public funds and private capital toward better environmental outcomes

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1, 8, 11, & 14.

What is Green Finance?

Green finance is simply a financial structure, such as a loan, designed to achieve environmental outcomes. Rare aims to drive green finance towards sustainable development and the protection of nature through a range of strategies, structures, and sustainable initiatives. Our goal? Protect nature, slow climate change, and help local communities adapt to its impacts.

Green Finance at Rare

The Bailaki savings group. Závora, Mozambique.
The Bailaki savings group. Závora, Mozambique. Photo Credit: Jason Houston

Fostering Financial Inclusion and a Social Safety Net

Through savings clubs, financial literacy training, and innovative insurance programs, our Fish Forever program’s Innovative Finance initiative supports individuals, communities, and microbusinesses to build wealth and enhance sustainable practices, while managing their finances effectively.

Rare also facilitates the financial inclusion of these communities, which are often remote and disaggregated, to banks and other formal financial institutions. When connected to the formal economy, communities are better able to withstand economic shocks—ultimately reducing fishing pressure on ocean ecosystems.


Mangroves in San Benito, Siargao Islands, Philippines.
Mangroves in San Benito, Siargao Islands, Philippines. Photo Credit: Ferdz Decena for Rare

Investing in Nature to Fight Climate Change

Nature offers some of the best solutions to reduce the carbon emissions that drive climate change and help communities adapt to its impacts. Rare uses a range of financial instruments to move green finance toward protecting nature-based solutions like mangroves, sea grass beds, coral reefs, and soil.

Donating to nature-based solutions. Rare’s Climate Culture program makes it easy for climate-concerned Americans to donate to nature-based solutions as a climate action. We curate forestry projects certified to mitigate climate change and benefit wildlife and neighboring communities. Learn more  

Meloy Fund - photo of boats on the water in Indonesia.
Panoramic beautiful tropical beach with wooden fishing boat and blue sky in the morning at The Bengkulu beach Indonesia. Photo Credit: sofirinaja

Driving Private Capital to Coastal Communities & Habitats

Rare established the Meloy Fund as the first impact investment fund focused solely on coastal fishing enterprises in the developing tropics. Sponsored by Rare and managed by Deliberate Capital, the Meloy Fund invests private capital in fishing and seafood-related enterprises to support sustainable business models that incentivize the adoption of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance.


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