Annabelle Davis

Annabelle Davis


For as long as she can remember, Annabelle Davis has always loved nature. “Saving the Earth has been a top priority,” she professes over Zoom. As a 12-year-old competitive horseback archer, perched on her horse with a bow in hand, she has set her sights on reducing her carbon footprint.

Encouraged by her parents to do her own research, she convinced her family to stop eating beef and flying places. She is currently pitching them on installing solar while shifting from fast to sustainable fashion. And for her upcoming bat mitzvah, she is strategizing on what positive environmental impact she can make in her community. “As time goes on, knowing the Earth is getting eaten up by climate change, by polluting corporations, covered by man-made, artificial things…it’s constantly on my mind. It makes me want to help change things.”

Who inspires Annabelle?

Annabelle cites almost countless inspirations for her desire to save the Earth. Outdoors, it’s the “giant mountains, valleys, and horses of New Mexico’s Mora Valley” that serve as the backdrop for her archery. In school, it’s the documentaries about climate change. On the street, it’s her friends and cousins buying used clothes and idolizing Jane Goodall. And at home, it’s her father’s innovative business, Moment Motors, which guts vintage sports cars and replaces their engines with electric ones. “When my dad started fixing old cars, I thought, oh wow, what other things can we make electric? And then I thought, what else can we make better for the Earth?”

Learn more about Annabelle’s fundraising initiative

Annabelle Davis on horseback.


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