Annabelle Davis

Annabelle Davis


Hi – I’m Annabelle. I don’t know about you, but I’m happiest when I’m out in nature. Unfortunately, if my generation doesn’t do something about climate change, that’s going to become harder and harder to do. That’s why I decided to dedicate my Mitzvah project to reducing my carbon footprint and encourage others to do the same.

My goal is 1,000 pledges and $1,000 in donations to carbon reducing projects. If we reach these goals, we’ll eliminate 2,651 metric tons of carbon emissions or about the same as taking 573 cars off the road for one full year.


Fundraising Goal: $1,000

$2,700 raised!

Donate Now

Your tax deductible donation supports restoring natural habitats that sequester carbon from the atmosphere.


Learn more about how you can make it personal with these carbon-reducing actions.
Adopt a Plant-rich Diet

2/3 of Americans have already started eating less meat. This is great news because a plant-rich diet is healthier and at least 50x less carbon intensive.

Buy Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets are investments in projects that take carbon out of the atmosphere—like planting trees or capturing emissions.

Contract for Green Energy

Moving to renewable energy sources is one of the most important actions you can take to reduce your impact—whether you buy renewable energy from your provider, or purchase rooftop solar.

Don't Waste Food

Reducing your food waste has a big impact on both the resources used to get the food to your table and in the methane produced when it goes to the landfill.

Electrify Your Vehicle

Driving an electric vehicle offers a lower 5-year total cost of ownership and drives down carbon emissions.

Fly One Less Time

For frequent business travelers, using online meeting technologies more effectively can mean more days home with family and friends as well as a much lower carbon footprint.

Get Engaged

One of the most powerful actions we can take is getting involved socially or politically.