Statement of Rare President & CEO Brett Jenks on Landmark U.S. Climate Change Legislation

  • Brett Jenks
August 16, 2022

Arlington, VA – Ahead of U.S. President Joe Biden’s signing of landmark climate change legislation into law, Brett Jenks, President and CEO of the international conservation organization Rare, released the following statement:

“The Inflation Reduction Act is the most significant piece of climate policy in U.S. history. It is the result of the tireless work of so many who we thank and celebrate today.

“Fulfilling the potential of this historic moment requires millions of Americans to adopt the actions the law incentivizes. We need behavior change to work hand in hand with policy change. Many policies enacted over the years like seat belt laws, 401k retirement plans, and voter registration have required individuals to change their own behavior to maximize the policy’s impact. Earning a return on the billions of dollars invested in electric vehicles, rooftop solar, and other green tech tax credits hinges on Americans rapidly adopting them.

“Through our Climate Culture program, Rare is working to apply the science of human behavior to the adoption of these and other climate-positive behaviors. Working with partners, we are developing strategies that reflect how people behave and make decisions. Making it easier and more appealing for Americans to adopt these behaviors by meeting them where they are will help build a critical mass of Americans shifting personal behaviors around diet, transportation, and energy use.”

Rare specializes in social change for the environment. Earlier this year, the journal Behavioral Science & Policy published original research by Rare identifying the six most impactful behaviors Americans could adopt to reduce carbon emissions. The special edition of the international peer-reviewed journal focused on the critical role that behavioral science plays in addressing environmental challenges. This statement is also  available on Rare’s website.