Rare, ImpactKarma Partner to Help Climate-Concerned Consumers Easily Donate to Carbon Reduction Projects

Karma Wallet Tool Now Streamlines Selection of High-Impact High-Quality Carbon Offsets Through Rare

February 23, 2022

Arlington, VA and Wake Forest, NC – Conservation nonprofit Rare and mission-driven software firm ImpactKarma are partnering to help consumers concerned about climate change take immediate action to combat it. Through ImpactKarma’s data driven technology platform, Karma Wallet, consumers concerned about the carbon emissions related to their spending habits can now connect directly to Rare to make 100% tax-deductible donations to high-quality carbon reduction projects around the world designed to support verified nature-based solutions to climate change.

Rare has developed an innovative suite of technology tools, including its application programming interface (API), that tailors a presentation of the numerous benefits provided by these nature-based projects to consumers, including carbon reduction, wildlife and biodiversity protection, and community development. Rare’s platform also includes a payment processing plugin that facilitates donation transactions, making it quick and easy for consumers to offset their personal contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.

“A growing number of Americans want to take some sort of climate action, but they don’t know where to start,” said Brandon Schauer, Vice President of Rare’s US climate program. “We are excited to partner with Impact Karma to help people take the quick and easy step of donating to nature and offset the carbon contribution of their purchases. Giving to nature is an on-ramp to other actions individuals can take that not only reduce emissions but also shift social norms toward more sustainable behaviors.”

“While more than three-quarters of consumers prefer to transact with companies aligned with their values, only one-quarter actually do it, in part because they don’t know where to start,” said Jayant Khadilkar, cofounder and CEO, ImpactKarma. ​​“ImpactKarma builds great tools to make it easy for consumers to understand the social and environmental impact of their spending habits and do business with responsible companies, while helping merchants attract and retain conscious shoppers. Now, with our partnership with Rare, we can help consumers looking to make a difference offset their emissions in seamless way.”

Karma Wallet empowers conscious consumers to understand the social and environmental impact of their spending habits based on who they do business with. It helps them discover and compare brands by their responsible practices, assess their personal carbon footprint, and then gives them the opportunity to take positive action. All consumers need to do is head to https://www.karmawallet.io, sign up and immediately begin to track their impact.

Rare identifies carbon offset projects through vetted organizations. The projects are all over the world, giving consumers a choice in the type and geography of the project they support. The projects range from protecting mangroves to planting forests to helping communities transition to sustainable cookstove technology.

The development of a modern API and payment processing plugin designed to digitally deliver consumer-grade carbon offsets is Rare’s latest innovation through its Make It Personal program. Make It Personal uses the science of human behavior to design interventions that promote the best behaviors for meaningfully reducing carbon emissions. According to the EPA, the 16 metric tons of carbon each American generates on average every year would require nearly 21 acres of US forest per person to sequester.

About Rare

Rare is an international non-profit organization specializing in social change for people and the planet. For nearly 50 years, Rare has partnered with individuals, communities, and local leaders on the frontlines of conservation to promote the adoption of sustainable practices. With a behavior-based approach, Rare empowers individuals and communities to better manage and protect nature on which we all depend. Learn more at rare.org.

About ImpactKarma

ImpactKarma helps conscious consumers bridge the gap between good intentions and meaningful action to promote sustainability. The company’s Karma Wallet platform helps each user understand the impact of their shopping choices by providing relevant data on companies’ social and environmental practices, then assessing the user’s carbon footprint based on which companies they choose to do business with. This empowers consumers to shop with intention and use their purchases to push companies to embrace greater sustainability. Our father-and-son founders are building a diverse team to enable both consumers and merchants to take conscious action on behalf of people and the planet.

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