Climate Change Needs Behavior Change Report

Local solutions for a global challenge

For every major environmental challenge we face today, people are both the problem and the solution.  In the Solution Search Climate Change Needs Behavior Change report you will find:

  • 3 behavior-based strategies for change
  • 5 insights from the solutions we surfaces
  • 10 inspiring solutions for a global challenge

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Partner Organizations

Six of the world’s leading conservation and development organizations joined forces to launch Solution Search: Climate Change Needs Behavior Change, a worldwide contest to find solutions that motivate widespread behavior change to fight climate change.

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Strategies for the Climate: Solution Takeaways

This year’s solutions spanned a wide variety of program types and strategies. Nevertheless, some telling trends emerged across entries. Download this report to read our top five takeaways about how these solutions are achieving success in their work.

Create community in place Gamify Meet multiple needs Pay attention to the whole system Harness collective identities

world map of Solution Search entries.



This report is as much about human stories as it is insights and tactics, because solutions are nothing without the committed “solutionaries” who move them forward.

Katharine Wilkinson, Vice President, Communication & Engagement, Drawdown

Strategies for the Climate: Behavior Change

To inspire people to change, we need to amplify and replicate these innovative solutions that use the power of emotional appeals, social influences and choice architecture as expertly as we apply economics and policy.