Former Secretary of State John Kerry and Dr. Steve Box, Rare’s Managing Director of Fish Forever at Our Ocean Conference in Oslo, Norway; October 2019

Climate change. Coastal overfishing. Unsustainable land use. Habitat destruction. The most pressing environmental challenges of our time share one thing in common: to solve them, people must start behaving differently.

Rare envisions a world where communities on the frontlines of these challenges have secure sources of food and opportunities for good jobs; where people take pride in the natural world around them and act to protect it; where policies at every level of government enable community-led management of local resources; and public resources and private capital flow into these communities because their true value is recognized.

To achieve this vision, Rare is building a social movement for change—one that is people-centered, community-focused, and climate-aware. 2019 has been an exhilarating and impactful year—Rare has made great strides towards building this movement.