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At Rare, we always have a good book in hand, and our interests are as diverse as our staff. Each month, a Rare staff member will choose a book that illustrates Rare's commitment to engaging, thought-provoking, and solutions-based storytelling around conservation and climate change.

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Book of the Month: May

Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter (2018)

Ben Goldfarb

Eager is exactly what the title suggests: it’s a deep dive into the history of the American landscape, and how it was shaped and constructed by beavers, the industrious engineers of the natural world. But, centuries of fur trading, unsustainable beaver hunting, and a false narrative of what a “healthy” ecosystem looks like, nearly wiped out these magnificent creatures from existence. In Eager, Goldfarb takes us across America as “Beaver Believers” work to course-correct the mistakes of the past. 

Why we love it: “I read this book for my Master of Arts degree in Science Writing, and I had no idea that a book all about beavers could be so entertaining, funny, educational, and engaging. ”  — Kristi Marciano, Manager of Marketing & Communications

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