Photo of author Ben Goldfarb.Author talk with Ben Goldfarb

August 7, 2024   |   3pm ET

Forty million miles of roads slash through Earth’s landscape. By 2050, an estimated 25 million more will be built globally in what some ecologists have dubbed a “concrete tsunami.”

Join us for an engaging author talk with Ben Goldfarb on his latest book, Crossings: How Road Ecology is Shaping the Future of Our Planet. Discover how extensive road networks impact wildlife and ecosystems, and explore potential solutions to these challenges. Ben’s journey across the globe reveals the unseen effects of our “concrete tsunami” and highlights how we can mitigate the damage.

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Moderated by Kristi Marciano, Manager of Marketing & Communications, Rare

Book cover of Crossings.

Discussion questions

  • Reflect on your own community or region. Are there road ecology issues present, and how could the solutions from the book be applied locally? What steps could be taken to raise awareness and initiate change?
  • What are some of the innovative solutions to road ecology problems presented in the book? Which do you think have the most potential for widespread adoption, and why?
  • Goldfarb often uses personal anecdotes and case studies throughout the book. How did these storytelling techniques affect your engagement with the material? Do you think they were effective in conveying the importance of road ecology?
  • Consider the role of public policy in shaping road ecology outcomes. Based on Goldfarb’s analysis, what policy changes do you believe are most critical for improving road ecology, and how can citizens advocate for these changes?


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