Switch to Clean Energy

Switching to clean energy builds momentum for more clean energy projects at competitive prices and brings about more American jobs—all while reducing atmospheric carbon.

Just about anyone can start buying clean energy, whether you rent or own your home. A company like Arcadia can help you handle installing clean energy sources without interrupting your electricity service.

By our estimates, if just 10% of American households switch to solar energy, that will lead to an annual emissions savings of 82 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents.1  That’s about the same as retiring more than 21 coal plants.2

Key Benefits

Financial Savings

The average American family spends about $1,450 on electricity annually. Even after the upfront costs, solar panels can save you anywhere from $10K to $30K over 20 years, according to EnergySage.3

Energy Independence

Going solar reduces your dependence on the electrical grid. It also supports America’s shift to cleaner domestic energy sources.

Growing Job Sector

The clean energy sector in the U.S. already supports more jobs than the fossil fuel industry.4 And, clean energy jobs offer higher wages than the national average and are widely available to workers without college degrees.5


Save Money With Community Solar

Use your zip code to find a community solar farm that you can join today.

Tips & Ideas

Learn your state tax benefits

Find out what state tax benefits you would get for going solar. DSIRE: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency® is a one-stop-shop for seeking out state-level incentives for renewable energy.

Compare and contrast solar energy options

Easily compare solar energy installation quotes in your area with Energy Sage.

Find your local green power suppliers

Search which providers in your state offer certified green power options. Or, use Arcadia to make it really easy.

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