Green Benefits + LEX lockup.

Welcome to Green Benefits!

You have an incredible opportunity to learn about and take high-impact climate actions that will make you feel good. Plus, these actions could add up to $245 for you in the form of rebates and matching donations.

Like the majority of Americans, you probably believe we should do more to address climate change. Maybe you haven’t been sure where to start. It can feel overwhelming to figure out what can really make a difference. It turns out, there are 7 actions that can make a positive impact on the climate and are surprisingly within reach for many Americans. Through this Green Benefits pilot, you’ll get a chance to try out 3 of them. You can participate as much or as little as you want, knowing that the actions you do take will be worth your time.  


This link will take you to your Green Benefits dashboard. After you create an account, you’ll get to learn more about the benefits, and choose what actions you want to take!

Cheers to you for pioneering this program that could scale to hundreds of companies and hundreds of thousands of workers across the US. 

Your Green Benefits

Carbon Catching
Green Energy
Plant-Rich Food

Green Benefits is part of Make it Personal, a Rare initiative to inspire individual action to address climate change.