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Eat More Veggies

Almost all non-vegetarian Americans can eat less meat—and be healthier, save money, reduce emissions, and protect more land and water because of it. This is a repeated behavior, meaning it requires ongoing decision-making to eat less meat and enjoy its benefits.

What’s Going On

Eating can be a very social and public activity. However, this behavior scores the lowest of all the behaviors on the expectation that others adopt it and the perception of a community benefit of doing so.

More Black or African American people and Hispanic people have considered eating less meat than the national average of people limiting their meat consumption.


To encourage less meat eating, we can communicate a stronger connection between the health benefits of eating less meat and the fact that other people are starting to eat less meat.

The Impacts

8% of Americans are already vegetarian or vegan, and 31% report that they’re already trying to eat less meat. We need 29M additional behavior changes to increase target incremental adoption by 10%.

If adopted, our model projected an annual emissions savings of 25 MtCO2e and a social value of carbon mitigation between $1.1 and $12.7 billion per year.

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