The Local Lens: Engaging communities through participatory photography

October 29, 2019

In this webinar, Rare and photographer Jason Houston provide an inside look at a participatory photography project they facilitated in Zavora, Mozambique, a coastal fishing community along the shores of the Indian Ocean.

In Zavora, the ocean is a way of life. Yet coastal overfishing threatens this small and dynamic community on the southeastern coast. But to address this challenge, we must understand it through the lens of those impacted. Working with Jason Houston, Rare gave cameras to four community members to document their lives and share their experiences through their own lens. What emerged was a personal look at the people of this extraordinary place along Mozambique’s Wild Coast.


  • Jason Houston, photographer
  • Shari Sant Plummer, Code Blue Charitable Foundation
  • Atanasio Brito, Fish Forever Program Implementation Manager, Rare
  • Katie Williamson, Center for Behavior & the Environment, Rare
  • Larissa Hotra, Rare (host)

View our digital exhibition featuring photography made during the project at