March 20, 2020


On behalf of the entire Rare family in this rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain time, I hope that you and your loved ones are home and safe.

My Executive Team and I have closed all our offices around the world, and we are embracing new technologies so that we can continue to work and remain connected to the communities we serve. In the field, our staff and partners will not be able to conduct much fieldwork for the foreseeable future, and so we are exploring ways of advancing our work remotely while preparing to help communities recover as quickly as possible once the threat passes. Like many nonprofits close to home—food banks, clinics, shelters—Rare’s work is critical to the fabric of the remote communities with which we partner. We are standing by them now, and thanks to you, we will be there for them when this is over.

This crisis makes us even more committed to our mission of inspiring change so that people and nature thrive. We have always believed in the resilience of nature and the resilience of people. In a dark time, I encourage you to do what Rare has always done—look for the bright spots. I am in awe of the resilience we’re seeing in every country in which we work, as individuals, families and communities adapt to meet the challenges of an unprecedented threat.

We are more thankful than ever for your support. Please be safe.

Best regards,
Brett Jenks
President and CEO, Rare