2024 Our Ocean Conference

April 15-17 | Athens, Greece

The Our Ocean Conference is an international gathering of national governments, international organizations, and ocean advocates making commitments to support tangible progress toward a healthier ocean. The conference was started by former US Secretary of State John Kerry in 2014.

This year’s conference takes place in Athens, Greece. Rare’s delegation to Our Ocean will highlight the importance of the Community Seas, and the leading role local leaders play in ensuring their protection while meeting the needs of coastal communities.

Spotlight: Mayor Alfredo Coro & the Coastal 500

The Rare-supported Coastal 500, a 2023 finalist for the Earthshot Prize, will join fellow finalists WildAid and ABALOBI in hosting an official side event to discuss the importance of the Community Seas, the challenges they face, and how we’re protecting them. Mayor Alfredo Coro II of Del Carmen, Philippines will join Rare’s delegation at Our Ocean and represent the Coastal 500 during the event.

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NEWS: A Major Milestone for the Amazon Coast

In March, Brazilian President Lula declared two new Resex in Pará state protecting coastal waters and mangrove forests along the Amazon Coast. The declaration is the result of sixteen years of work by local communities.

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Headed to the Our Ocean Conference?

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Our Ocean Conference Events

Rare will participate in the following events:

Revive Our Oceans: Directing our Earthshot for Coastal Waters & Communities
Monday, April 15 · 4 - 4:50pm, The Book Castle Room | Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Join the 2023 Earthshot Prize ‘Revive Our Ocean’ Finalists as they discuss the challenges facing our coastal waters, while also showcasing reasons to be optimistic. This event will feature Coastal 500/Rare, WildAid, and ABALOBI, who will share their innovative, complementary and collaborative approaches, while highlighting the crucial role of governments and funders in advancing these transformative efforts.

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Ocean Allies: Shaping our Future Together Side Event
April 15 - 10:00 am, Multifunctional Room 1 

Hosted by RISE UP, Rare’s Rocky Sanchez Tirona, Managing Director of Fish Forever, will join a panel discussion about challenges, priorities, and actionable strategies for a united ocean agenda leading up to international meetings and the UN Ocean Conference.

The event is supported by RISE UP, Oceano Azul Foundation, CAOPA, Fauna & Flora, EarthEcho International, and ABALOBI.

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Marine 30x30 Finance: Systems Approach and Guiding Principles Paper Launch
April 15 - 2:00-4:00 pm, Marriott Hotel

Minderoo, alongside Rare and other 30×30 partners, will launch this paper aimed at supporting countries in securing sufficient and durable finance for effective implementation of marine 30×30 commitments.

April 15 | 2-4pm
Marriott Hotel

Bloomberg Philanthropies Opening Press Conference
Tuesday, April 16 - 7:45 am, Media Centre

The 2024 Our Ocean Conference is a critical opportunity for the world to act to protect the ocean and the communities that depend on it. The opening press briefing will set out expectations for the conference as well as provide expert and local community voices outlining  key issues, including the protection of marine habitats, community-led conservation, ocean-based climate solutions, and illegal and unregulated fishing.


  • Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr Skylakakis, tbd to speak on priorities as host  – expectations for the conference / expectation for progress, trail upcoming announcements where possible
  • Melissa Wright, Lead, Bloomberg Ocean Initiative, to speak on marine protection (30×30 in national waters and BBNJ) – what has been announced, what the world has committed to, what needs to happen at the conference; including focus on strong MPAs
  • Mayor Alfredo Coro II, Municipality of Del Carmen Surigao del Norte, proposal to speak on local action, threats and what support is needed
  • Tony Long, CEO, Global Fishing Watch, to speak on IUU / Transparency
  • Dr. Kathryn Matthews, Chief scientist, Oceana, to speak on ocean’s critical role in combating climate change

Meet our Country Leaders

Our Rare Quotes series recently profiled several of our country team leaders to hear their perspectives from the frontlines of community-led conservation.

Diana Vasquez, VP Rare Central America
Dr. Atanasio Brito, VP Rare Mozambique
Hari Kushardanto, VP of Rare Indonesia
Monique Barreto Galvao, VP Rare Brazil

Rare's Kevin Mesebeluu, Program Implementation Manager (PIM) for Palau, speaking with local fishers about fisher registration.Rare’s Fish Forever program

Rare’s Fish Forever program is revitalizing coastal fisheries and empowering coastal communities around the world. With a people-centered, community-led approach, Rare works with fishers, local leaders, national governments, and local partners to protect ocean ecosystems and meet the needs of coastal communities.

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