The Behavioral Science Behind Environmentally Friendly Refills

How a Cambodian enterprise could tackle single-use plastic reliance in the cleaning industry.

March 13, 2023

The global challenge of plastic pollution is exacerbated in regions like Southeast Asia without the infrastructure for collecting and disposing of it. Reducing plastic pollution at its source is critical to preventing plastic pollution from endangering water sources or wildlife areas. Rare’s BE.Center has partnered with the ICM Falk Foundation and Mekong Inclusive Ventures (MIV) to reduce plastic pollution in Southeast Asia by empowering local and regional organizations to incorporate behavior-based approaches that shift consumers away from plastic waste. Most recently, Rare, ICM Falk and MIV explored private sector attitudes in Cambodia toward refillable plastic containers for cleaning products. In our joint report, “The Behavioral Science Behind Environmentally Friendly Refills,” we provide a window into current attitudes among business owners toward the use of plastic containers, the barriers that prevent them from adopting more sustainable practices such as refill and reuse, and the future opportunities for innovative products and services in Cambodia.

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