Rare’s 2023 Year-in-Review

In 2023, Rare inspired its global network to innovate in conservation, entertainment, and the climate.
December 5, 2023

We championed community-driven solutions worldwide, expanding work with fishers, farmers, creatives, practitioners, solar energy workers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and mayors and local government leaders. We trained partners in applied behavioral science, financial literacy, climate change communications, and community-based resources management. We joined NGOs creating a 30×30 policy framework and a platform to protect the Amazon Coast. And, from remote villages to global summits, we facilitated conversations and commitments to improving how we protect and manage our planet.

Our 2023 report showcases the transformative power of our work through 23 voices and stories. It’s a testament to Rare’s impact, measured not only in numbers but in the lives touched and the nature preserved.

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Women in Mozambique carying the day's catch on their heads.