Contracting for Green Energy

April 5, 2022

Man on a ladder servicing a solar panel.We see opportunity to shift the norm for energy.

Borrowing practices from behavior science, design thinking, customer experience, and service design—and in partnership with Harmonic Design—Rare has created downloadable guides for helping Americans in the journey to adopting key climate-positive behaviors. Think of these “Journey Books” as a blueprint: the key requirements, structure, and outlines of how people can move from becoming aware to adopting and sharing their change with others.

We’re truly interested in hearing from you about what you’re working on to drive adoption, what’s useful (or not!) about these guides, and whether you see your capabilities and solutions as part of this journey or a related one. Download the guide and reach out to us to share how you see using or connecting to the journey of contracting green energy. Drop us a note at or message us on social media at @rare_org.