Empowering coastal communities to restore, protect, and sustainably manage coastal seas

Fish Forever uses an innovative behavior-centered approach to strengthen community-led coastal fisheries management and restore marine ecosystems. Together with partners and local leaders, we leverage biological, behavioral, and social sciences to sustain fisheries production, build coordinated advocacy among governments, and elevate the voices of coastal fishers.



Aerial coastal fishing community with boats.

Protecting a vital part of the ocean

Fish Forever focuses on revitalizing coastal waters, where high human activity meets high biodiversity. We call these the “Community Seas” as they are critical to the food security, livelihoods, and climate resilience of communities around the world.

Why the community seas?

300 HA Marine Protected Area.

Letting communities lead

With coastal communities spread out across large areas, a traditional top-down approach to fisheries management rarely works. Fish Forever prioritizes a community-led approach that centers on community co-management of coastal fisheries.

Our community-led approach

Photo of a group of local leaders taking their Coastal 500 pledge.

Empowering local leaders

Mayors and other local leaders are key to implementing protections for communities and ecosystems. The Rare-sponsored Coastal 500 initiative is the largest global network of mayors and local government leaders committed to working towards thriving and prosperous coastal communities.

Meet the Coastal 500

Data & Resources for decision-making

For communities to manage their natural resources effectively, they need good data and adaptable guidance. The Fish Forever portal provides the tools, resources, and real-time data local leaders and other decision-makers need to protect the nature that sustains them.

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Fish Forever around the world

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Fish Forever Progress Update

Explore progress updates from Fish Forever and partners on the frontlines of environmental, social, and behavioral change.

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January 9, 2024
The Earthshot Prize names the Coastal 500 as a finalist
September 26, 2023

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Our Fish Forever Program Partners

The following is a sampling of Fish Forever’s donors and partners (past and present).

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