People change when they see others change

Social media has profoundly impacted our culture, revolutionizing how we communicate, share information, present ourselves, and engage with the world.

But when it comes to climate action on social media, there are serious problems:

Most climate organizations and experts focus on climate problems and only reach climate-focused followers.

There are very low levels of user-generated content on social media about climate solutions geared for the broader public.

84% of social media creators report holding back from discussing sustainability topics.

Rare uses research and behavioral science insights to develop, test, and scale social media strategies to shift social norms around climate solutions among social content creators and their audiences. We focus on motivations beyond climate, and our campaigns engage audiences well-beyond the climate-choir.

Our approach to climate solution campaigns

We design and test climate solution campaigns and convene relevant messengers to share the most effective campaigns. We share our learning and knowledge with creators and partners who have the power shift norms positively.

  1. Lead with science: Rare’s research and insights, like our Climate Culture Index and studies conducted by our subject matter experts on food, energy, and electrification, inform our work. We use Rare’s behavior-centered design (BCD) process to develop theories of change that we test for impact and feasibility.
  2. Activate the right messengers: People have very different motivations for taking impactful climate actions, which vary from climate to personal health, financial benefits, and more. For any audience, messages have the highest impact when they come from people we trust and who share similar motivations and constraints.Given that there is no one-size-fits-all message or messenger, Rare convenes and engages relevant partner organizations and social content creators to reach diverse audiences with relevant and compelling content.
  3. Influence the larger system: Making an impact in the vast social media landscape requires thinking and partnering at the systems level. We engage in mission-aligned system-level collaborations and initiatives to accelerate change far beyond what we could achieve alone.

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