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Many natural and man-made actions cause carbon emissions. And that’s perfectly fine, as long as the natural carbon-sequestering ecosystems—like forests, mangroves, and algae—can keep pace.

The average American generates 16 metric tons of carbon that goes into the atmosphere every year.1 That would require nearly 21 acres of US forest per person to sequester.2

While it’s important that individuals, businesses, and government all do what we can to reduce our carbon emissions, carbon credits offer another way to accelerate our efforts to stave off the worst of climate change. A tax-deductible donation of less than $12 per month (the typical cost to offset the average American’s footprint) can make a big difference.

Examples of Carbon Credit Projects

Preserving of Peat Swamps

Under attack from palm oil and paper production, the powerful carbon-sequestering soil under these swamps can be up to 40 feet deep. In addition to carbon, these swamps stabilize water flows and provide clean water while preserving natural habits for animals like the endangered Bornean Orangutan.

Tree Planting

Initiatives to reforest lands devastated by drought can help poor communities get back on their feet while reinvigorating their lands.

Saving Old Growth Forests

Clearing mature forests to support logging and clear fields for cattle grazing has immeasurable costs to the environment. Protecting otherwise unprotected old growth forests helps save carbon and important ecosystems.

Support one of these important projects with your tax-deductible donation now.

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