Inspiring Individual Climate Action

Climate experts and advocates now emphasize individuals’ significant roles in mitigating climate change. Rare’s Climate Culture program champions this by encouraging lifestyle shifts — like eating less meat, driving electric vehicles, and adopting solar energy. These choices cut down on personal carbon emissions and influence the behavior of those around them. Our research indicates that people are more likely to adopt climate-friendly behaviors when they observe others doing them. Such ‘social proof’ is a stronger motivator than one’s income, background, or even political affiliation.

Through Climate Culture, Rare equips and engages the communities, creators, and partners who have the power to shift culture with the insights and tools that make high-impact climate-friendly lifestyle changes more popular, appealing, and easier to adopt.

Climate Culture’s Initiatives

The program primarily engages Americans through three avenues: entertainment (what we watch), social media (who we follow), and our communities (where we live).


Rare’s Entertainment Lab (E-Lab) partners with Hollywood to add climate-focused storylines and climate-friendly actions into mainstream film and TV. The E-Lab pairs this work with action via social media.

About the lab

Social Media

Rare’s Social Lab develops, tests, and scales social media strategies to shift social norms around climate solutions among social content creators and their audiences.

About the lab


Rare’s SHINE (Solar Helping Ignite Neighborhood Economies) initiative partners with local organizations in Boston to connect solar power job opportunities and renewable home energy with underserved and marginalized communities lacking access to them.

About the initiative

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Individual actions matter.

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