Here are some discounts and resources to make the next step even easier.

1. Try a plant-rich meal 🥗
5 minutes

2/3 of Americans have already started eating less meat. This is great news because a plant-rich diet is healthier and at least 50x less carbon intensive.

Order a delicious meal from Purple Carrot using discount code climate30 »

2. Buy a carbon offset 🌿
3 minutes

Carbon offsets reduce emissions by avoiding, sequestering, or removing GHG— with projects like planting trees or capturing methane. It costs 7x less to offset the typical American footprint than most people expect.

Go to CoolEffect and offset your year! »

3. Get a quote for solar…☀️
15 minutes

While the cost of solar panels has dropped 70% since 2010, 97% of Americans over-estimate the cost.

Solar United Neighbors offers a free solar guide and access to a free solar help desk »

…or buy green energy ♻️
2 minutes

Powering your home or apartment with renewable energy sources such as wind and solar is one of the most important actions you can take to reduce your impact.

Sign up with Clean Choice Energy to receive a $50 Visa gift card »

4. Reduce food waste 🍂
5 minutes

More than 40% of our national food supply is thrown away while almost 40 million Americans struggle with hunger. And most of that waste ends up in landfills where it produces methane, a crazy potent greenhouse gas. Keep fruits and vegetables fresh for 2-4x longer with award-winning, organic FRESHPAPER.

Enjoy a 30% discount using exclusive promo code FRESHSTART30 »

5. Make your next car electric ⚡️
10 minutes

If you’re one of the majority who do still rely on a car, driving an electric vehicle offers a lower long-term total cost of ownership and drives down carbon emissions.

Visit Electric For All where you can see over 60+ EV Cars and SUV’s to compare and find your incentives by zip code. »

6. You’re already doing this: Fly less 🏅
0 minutes

Right now this one probably isn’t an issue. But we are all looking forward to a time when travel is easier and we can get out into the world again. When that time comes, think twice before taking to the skies, maybe emulate President Biden and see what Amtrak has to offer.

7. But above all, talk about it 🗣
2 minutes

These discounts are worth talking about! But better yet, just showcasing your climate-friendly lifestyle sends a signal to others that it’s time to consider a change too. Research tells us that your friends and neighbors are swayed by you just as much if not more than by experts. So start by sharing your resolution on social media, and encouraging others to step up. 💬

Learn more about Rare’s campaign to inspire 10% of Americans to adopt the 7 behaviors that have the biggest impact.

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