Inspiring Climate Culture through Film & TV

Rare’s Entertainment Lab supports writers and creators in telling stories that reflect our changing world and inspire audiences at home. Based on Rare’s core expertise in behavioral science research and insights, our support includes workshops, events, consultations, audience surveys, public opinion research, and impact measurement and evaluation.

How Madam Secretary Boosted Support for Climate Policy and Climate Justice

Researchers from Rare’s Entertainment Lab examined the portrayal of climate change by the CBS political drama Madam Secretary impacted audience beliefs around key climate concerns and actions.

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Hollywood’s Role in the Climate Fight: A Rare Conversation with Staci Roberts-Steele

Staci Roberts-Steele, a co-producer of Don’t Look Up, is the Managing Director of Yellow Dot Studios. She recently joined Rare Conversations to share how comedy and entertainment are expanding the climate conversation.

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Tools and Resources

Resource: Scripting the Change
How to Integrate Climate-Friendly Behaviors on Screen
Resource: Climate Clips Archive
See How Climate Makes It On Screen
Workshop: How To Build An Impact Ecosystem
Co-Presented with Exposure Labs
Workshop: How Minds Change
Stories to Reflect Society's Climate Awakening
Resource: Reality Reimagined
A Guide for Unscripted Content
Research: Audiences & Climate Change
7 out of 10 Americans want to see more climate-friendly actions on screen

Shifting Our Climate Culture

With an in-house team of social scientists, Rare’s Entertainment Lab brings behavioral insights to Hollywood, helping creators tell climate-friendly stories that put high-impact everyday actions on screen across genres and formats.

Rare’s Entertainment Lab provides support including:

  • Workshops and events
  • Story consultation
  • Resources, tip sheets, and behavioral science guidelines
  • Audience surveys and public opinion research
  • Impact measurement and evaluation
  • Behavioral research to improve climate communication

And more. We are excited to find new and innovative ways to work with our partners.

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About Our Team

Ellis Watamanuk

Ellis Watamanuk, Sr. Director of Entertainment

Ellis Watamanuk is a media impact producer and strategist working at the intersection of storytelling and climate action. He’s worked on campaigns for Blackfish, Paris to Pittsburgh, Other Side of the Hill, and more. In addition to his work in climate, he has led impact campaigns for films like Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, We the Animals, and A Thousand Cuts, and distributed films including The Miseducation of Cameron Post. As the Sr. Director of Entertainment at Rare, he brings the organization’s behavioral science expertise to the entertainment industry, leveraging the power of storytelling to create new cultural norms around climate.

Anirudh Tiwathia

Anirudh Tiwathia, Lead Behavioral Scientist

Anirudh Tiwathia is a behavioral scientist and public policy specialist who works on pathways to encourage climate action. At Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment, Anirudh focuses on the use of mass-media and entertainment to influence climate beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. In previous work, he examined the psychological underpinnings of liberal democracy and the antecedents of voluntary compliance. Anirudh has also worked for tech start-ups and in intergovernmental organizations like UNDP and UNICEF. He holds an MBA and PhD (Behavioral Policy) from the Booth School of Business; an MA (Public Policy) and a PhD (Cognitive Psychology) from the University of Chicago; and a BA from Vassar College.

Laurel Tamayo, Impact Associate

Laurel Tamayo is an impact producer passionate about communicating the climate crisis through film & TV. She worked on the impact campaign for I Am Greta, inspiring the audience to take action on climate change. Her past experience also includes programming at the Hollywood Climate Summit and project management of the Good Energy Playbook. She is currently in the Harvard Executive Education Program working on her Public Leadership certificate, where she was awarded the Bacon Climate Leadership scholarship. As the Program Associate at Rare’s Entertainment Lab, she uses findings from Rare’s research to inform the creation of resources and workshops for writers to integrate climate-friendly behaviors on screen.