Catch Carbon

Buying carbon offsets is one action U.S. consumers can take that will have a big impact on slowing climate change. But, even though the majority of Americans are concerned about climate change and want to do something about it, most don’t know what carbon offsets are, why they make a difference, or how to purchase them.

There’s a disconnect. A discord. A gap between carbon offset providers, companies that want to offer offsets to their customers, and individual consumers.

Catch Carbon bridges that gap.

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Tap into new consumer markets

We help you make catching carbon simple, fun, meaningful, and accessible for the average consumer. We make easier for you to reach more customers concerned about sustainability by leveraging the best behavior science and human-centered design.

Ditch the guilt trip

Most carbon offsets rely on guilting consumers about their carbon footprint and equate carbon offsets to accounting. These methods just aren’t effective for connecting emotionally with people; a math-based guilt trip doesn’t help them feel good about their decisions. It also doesn’t make people want to tell their friends about carbon offsets, which limits collective change.

Embrace clarity, connection, and consumer-grade offsets. All with seamless integration on your platforms.

We provide a six-point framework to make carbon offset projects have the maximum clarity, customer appeal, and sales potential. We source offset projects from trusted partners who uphold the highest quality standards. Customers have a seamless experience enjoying your product or service while they purchase offsets that they understand, love, and proudly share.

Connect with a growing climate-concerned consumer base and make them feel good about catching carbon, and about your brand’s efforts to fight climate change. Build trust, loyalty, and be a part of the climate solution.

Ensure your customers get access to the highest quality offsets—no gimmicks, no greenwashing.

We know offsets have historically been controversial. But today, there are standards and measures for offsets to make sure these projects make a measurable, verifiable, permanent difference. We only partner with organizations that uphold the highest quality standards so you can be assured that all offset projects have been thoroughly vetted.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in selling, buying, or supporting consumer-grade carbon offsets, let’s connect.