Storyteller for our planet

Thanks for your participation in Stories for Our Planet—a Behavioral Science Workshop led by Rare’s Center for Behavior and the Environment and brought to you by Sony Pictures A Greener World.


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Includes scientifically proven behavioral solutions and valuable insights from the workshop held March 30, 2021 with 40 creative industry professionals, a combination of writers, producers, and creative executives working in film and television from inside and outside Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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A great story inspires us. It satisfies our need to make sense of the world. And it helps us organize important details.

The current narratives about climate change are often dystopian nightmares focused on details that aren’t particularly important but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are seven actions we can take that make a difference on carbon. And collectively it adds up.  We can flip the script with stories to accelerate adoption of these actions and even give us some hope.

Join a group of Hollywood leaders in pledging to look for creative ways to tell a better story.

Rare inspires change so people and nature thrive.

Rare is a global leader in catalyzing behavior change to achieve enduring conservation results. For over 45 years and across 60 countries, Rare has motivated individuals, their communities, and their local leaders to adopt behaviors that benefit both people and nature. Now, through our Make It Personal program, we are looking to inspire people to take actions that have the greatest potential for measurably moving the meter on climate change right now.

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