Reality of Change, Rare Join Forces to Support Unscripted Television Community in Addressing Climate Change

April 25, 2024

New partnership establishes industry-wide advisory committee consisting of prominent studios, producers, and creators in the unscripted space to help craft climate-friendly storylines, encourage sustainable production practices, and provide resources and research

Los Angeles, CA  ─ Eco-entertainment organization Reality of Change and global environmental non-profit Rare are partnering to engage the unscripted television industry in creating meaningful, impactful ways to address the critical need for climate and sustainability solutions both on screen and behind the camera.  

Spearheaded by Cyle Zezo, Reality of Change Founder, and Ellis Watamanuk, Senior Director of Rare’s Entertainment Lab, the new partnership’s first priority is assembling an advisory committee consisting of non-scripted production companies and creative professionals who will help establish a course of action for the industry with achievable goals and tangible results.   

Last year, Rare’s Entertainment Lab found that 7 in 10 Americans want to see more climate-friendly actions on screen. By bringing both organizations’ expertise to bear, and tapping into Rare’s community-led, data-driven approach, this new initiative will compile an array of climate and sustainability-focused research and analysis about industry trends, audience impact and relevant scientific studies, serving as a valuable resource for the community.

The group will additionally discuss sustainable production practices specific to the non-scripted entertainment community, examine the interplay between efforts behind the camera and what appears on-screen, and focus on how to implement changes that maximize the sector’s sustainability potential, both efficiently and cost-effectively.   

“Climate change is reality, and to shine a light on this global issue, we believe there is no entertainment sector better suited to showing climate solutions on screen than unscripted television.  We want to answer the call of both the creative community and the audiences we serve who are looking for action to be taken, who want to become more engaged and are demanding more from their entertainment,” said Zezo.  “Partnering with our friends at Rare’s Entertainment Lab, we are looking to reflect our rapidly changing world by charting a new, more sustainable course for our industry and the planet.  As we set out to establish our advisory coalition, the response has been overwhelming, with 24 production companies already committed, far exceeding our initial expectations, and several others ready to join.  As we expand our resources and research, we want to ensure that we do it in a way that is efficient, supportive and specifically meaningful to the unscripted television industry as a whole.”

“As the world grapples with a rapidly changing climate, and more Americans recognize that climate change is happening, it’s only natural to see these themes and solutions appearing in unscripted content,” said Watamanuk. “Over the past few years, we have seen climate and sustainability pop up in big and small ways on our screens – from cooking to home renovation, from fashion to dating. Rare is honored to partner with Reality of Change and the many great producers and creatives in our advisory cohort, and to learn from them as we work to build a collective path forward towards a safe, healthy, and just climate future.”

About Reality of Change

Founded in 2023, Reality of Change is an organization focused on effecting on-screen climate and sustainability narratives, messages and behaviors across unscripted entertainment. ROC partners with producers, creative executives, and third party organizations to strengthen awareness and know-how within the industry, facilitate relevant network-building, and guide evolutions in practice related to sustainability and climate change in television.

About Rare’s Entertainment Lab

Rare is a global leader in accelerating positive change for people and nature. For 50 years, across 60 countries, we have supported millions of people and thousands of communities to protect our shared planet. Rooted in Rare’s core expertise in high-impact behaviors as well as its community-led, data-driven approach, the Entertainment Lab supports writers, producers, and creators in telling stories that reflect our changing world and shine light on everyday climate solutions.