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With your help, Rare is spreading the word: Eating less meat and more veggies, fruits and nuts is a delicious way to help the planet. And, even a little bit of effort helps. 

Producing just ONE 1/4 pound of beef has the same carbon impact of leaving a car running for over an hour PLUS requires the same amount of water to produce as showering for 45 days!

1/4 LB burger equals a car idling over 1 hour.

To get the same amount of protein from plants would take 80% fewer resources to produce. 

Complete this form and commit to eating less meat. It’s good for you and for the planet. You’ll receive $10 towards your order of any plant-rich meal via Grubhub.



Limit one per person; Good for first 50 applicants. Your gift card will arrive within three business days via email from Grubhub.

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