BE a BE.Champion

BE.Hive BE ChampionsIf you register 3 or more people – in addition to yourself – for BE.Hive on Campus, you will be named a BE.Champion and receive:

  1. Special BE.Champion swag
  2. An invitation to an exclusive Q&A session with Pat Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods
  3. Public recognition on the BE.Hive website, on stage during the summit, and in summit promotion on social media
Use your convening power to gather up your friends, classmates and colleagues for the BE.Hive on Campus Summit and become a BE.CHAMPION!

Here’s what you do:

1. Get people to Register
  • BE.Persistent!  Don’t give up until you get 3 people registered! (And don’t forget to register yourself)
2. Fill out the Google Form
  • Once you have gotten yourself and 3 friends registered for the summit, fill out this form
  • We will confirm your status as a BE.Champion via e-mail
3. Plan your trip
  • Ask your sustainability office to help fund your travel costs
  • Post in the Facebook event discussion group to chat with Dickinson Students and other attendees about lodging, carpooling, and hanging out on campus
  • Organize a caravan / carpool
  •  Listen to the BE.Music Climate Action Playlist on your way there! (coming soon)


Your 3 attendees do not have to be from your school. You can invite friends from other campuses.

There can be more than 1 BE.Champion at each campus. So if you get 3 people to register, and your college friend gets another 3, you will both be BE.Champions.