Keepers of the Sea

June 8, 2021
Rare Fish Forever staff perform an original song dedicated to fishers, families, local leaders and coastal communities with whom we partner to safeguard coastal fisheries.


Song written, produced and video edited by: Meg Serranilla

Adriann Coello
Meg Serranilla

Fishers of Siargao, Philippines

Chorus Singers:
Elline Canares-Ipanag
Diane Figueroa
Kevin Mesebeluu
Jonas Batista
Ade Yuliani
Gabriela Polo
Edson Anselmo Jose

Alice Pires
Diana Vasquez
Yasmin Arquiza
Katie Bonao
Krizelle de la Cruz
Meg Serranilla
Kevin Mesebeluu
Jonas Batista
Gabriela Polo