A Roadmap for Collective Action

March 7, 2024

Global environmental challenges often seem so large and intangible that people feel powerless to address them, and don’t act.

In 2023, after decades of partnering with communities worldwide on increasingly complex natural resource challenges, Rare set out to codify A Roadmap for Collective Action. This Roadmap is designed to support a coordinated global shift in human behavior that addresses the increasingly clear tragedies of the commons: the land, waters, and climate that make life possible. It considers how everyone — from local communities to global policy frameworks — can meet the urgent need for transformative conservation and address the scale of critical environmental issues while balancing and aligning nature and people.

The Roadmap’s framework and 12 enabling conditions provide guideposts for initiating, operating, and successfully advancing collective action for nature. It also manifests how Rare enables collective action within our work.

Cover of the Roadmap for Collective action report.

Download the full Roadmap here

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