Lizanne Galbreath

For Lizanne Galbreath, nature has been at the forefront of her life. “My love of nature came from my father. His presents to me weren’t transient ‘things’ but trips, experiences in nature.” She believes we all need to personally experience nature and meet those coexisting with it to build the connections we need to thrive. “We need nature for mental health, humility, gratitude, and more. To conserve it, preserve it, bring it back, and ensure it’s there for our next generations… that’s my passion.”

In her early 30s, Lizanne unexpectedly took over her family’s international real estate business. With a business degree and 10+ years already in the family business, she tackled the rigor of managing 14 offices across the United States with two small children in tow. “I was young, but this intense experience gave me the skills, confidence, and capacity to lead so that in the second part of life, when people were just building their careers, I could pursue passions and things that people can’t always do in their 50s and 60s.”

Lizanne Galbreath with her sons. One of those things was philanthropy. “When I started my journey, I focused my giving locally, in Connecticut and Montana, to a shelter, community foundation, and The Nature Conservancy, to show my kids that philanthropy didn’t need to be far-flung.” To Lizanne, giving is both an opportunity and a responsibility. “When someone asks me to get involved, I look at three things: leadership, mission, and my contribution. Do I respect the leader? Do I believe in the mission and share the organization’s values? And what can I personally contribute to its efforts?”

When Lizanne met Rare, she instantly felt that Rare resonated with her personal beliefs in building community and interests in nature. “For me, Rare is a sweet spot. It’s conservation, it’s nature, it’s important, it’s fun, it’s great leadership, it’s climate change, it’s science and behavior change and pride. I love the combination of community leadership and governments all bought in and working together. Honestly, it’s contagious in some way.”

Lizanne Galbreath posing with mascots in Honduras.Earlier this year, as a donor, Rare Trustee, and Chair of Rare’s Finance and HR Committee, Lizanne joined her fellow board members on a visit to experience Rare’s work in Honduras firsthand. She recounts her experience. “Being in Honduras, being in Belize, when you see the fishers, their families, how they live, the power of women when given the resources to thrive, and the importance of the work…this is why I’m doing what I can to support. Is there anything more important?”

Perhaps the only thing more important to Lizanne is imparting her values to her three sons. “I want them to see me living my values and giving back. One day, they will have the time and the resources, and I want them to know that I expect them to consider what they can do to give back, too.”