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Rare’s Mission and Strategy:

Rare is harnessing its expertise in behavior science to empower tens of millions of Americans to take action against climate change. Such personal actions can accumulate to collectively result in significant emissions reductions while strengthening the demand for climate-positive policies.

Rare’s first community campaign is taking place in Boston, where education, innovation, and existing climate action will supercharge our mission.

Climate Culture Boston’s exhibits are traveling around the Greater Boston Area to engage people on four particularly impactful behaviors.

What type of action are YOU inspired to take?

Learn how to prepare plant-rich meals

Explore the blogs and social media accounts below, or head to your local library to flip through some veggie-forward cookbooks. Ask your friends what their favorite veggie-forward recipes are, too! Check out these blogs:

Read about how plant rich meals support your health
Save Money With Community Solar

Use your zip code to find a community solar farm that you can join today.

100+ electric cars are available to rent for your next adventure.
Thinking about buying an EV?

Protect American Forests

According to US Forest Service data, 46% of the land we call America was once covered in forests. By donating, you are protecting forests that otherwise would be cut down for lumber or land development.

The American Forests Bundle protects over 8,800 acres of domestic forests, including nearly 1,900 acres of old growth trees including cypress trees that are 1,000 years old.


Plants about 17 seedlings grown for 10 years
Donate $10.00
Old Growth
Protects about an acre of forest for a year
Donate $15.69
Preserves forests that sequester enough carbon to make up for 1 American’s emissions for 1 year
Donate $260.45

*Estimates based on the EPA Greenhouse Gasses Equivalencies Calculator